i.Scription Technology at Bücheler Optics.
So that you can experience seeing new.

Can you imagine that there are glasses, which can be seen decisive better?

Der i.Profiler von ZEISS
The i.Profiler from ZEISS

This new ZEISS measuring instrument makes it possible.
It detects errors of higher order by the specific wavefront technology. These errors have a high impact on the quality of the retinal image.

The newly acquired individual data about the i.Scription technology of ZEISS in your eyeglass incorporated.

Das RV Terminal von ZEISS
The RV Terminal from ZEISS

With the RV Terminal ZEISS is ensured that your lenses are adjusted to a 10ths of a millimeter from the eye and thus guarantee an optimal and comfortable viewing experience.

And what causes the i.Scription Technology?

visual acuity compared

Only the recording of all aberrations over the entire pupil aperture allows the best visual optimization. The comparison of images shows how the retinal image is taking shape.

Convince yourself of the new i.Scription technology and be binding advise in our Relaxed Vision Center.

Detailed information on the technology of ZEISS i.Scription here: Besser Sehen